Nunavut Sivuniksavut (NS) is a unique eight-month college program based in Ottawa. It is for Inuit youth who want to prepare for the educational, training, and career opportunities that are being created by their land claims and self-government agreements.

We hope you'll enjoy learning about the program, the students, and the many activities that go into this one-of-a-kind educational experience for Inuit youth.

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Silpa Suarak Nain, NL

Lynn Mike Pangnirtung

Erik Ikoe (2nd Year) Baker Lake

Kristen Kownak Iqaluit

Mick Appaqaq (2nd Year) Sanikiluaq

March 31, 2015

NS students had the privilege of meeting, and listening to, John Amagoalik. Known to many as the "Father of Nunavut" for the strategic role he played in negotiating the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, securing recognition of Aboriginal rights in the Canadian constitution, and creating the territory of Nunavut, John spoke about his journey as an activist, and encouraged students to continue their education so they could take Nunavut and the north to its next stage of development.

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